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We utilize 5 Micron Gradient Depth Pre-Filters, which are the first stage of filtration, Made in the USA, and trap particles throughout the entire cross section of the filter. Larger particles are trapped on or near the surface of the filter and the smaller particles are trapped throughout the inner layers of the filter. The gradient density design allows for optimum dirt holding capacity and minimal change-outs.


We manufacture our own Carbon Filters In-House, which are the second stage of filtration, incorporating Catalytic Coconut Shell Carbon and KDF-55 for superior filtration of Chloramines, Heavy Metals, and other Contaminants. These filtration medias best prepare the Membrane, which is the heart of the system, to efficiently remove all other contaminants.


Omnipure Post-Filters, which are the fourth and final stage of a reverse osmosis, are made in the USA and widely considered the gold standard of post filters in this industry. The particular 2″ x 10″ post filter that we use is acid washed activated carbon, which balances the PH of the carbon for consistent taste and reduced carbon fine breakthrough on flushing.