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Most advanced ceramic valve for residential and light commercial use

The RevV4 features the most expandable and flexible valve on the market today. Ultimate performance and reliability are available from the patented ceramic disc design with (7) seven advanced programming options with fully adjustable cycles. This valve utilizes up-flow regeneration to wash the media for more efficient and effective cleaning.

Interlock features, signal outputs, and twin-demand options are available to supply water 24/7. Advanced work modes are available with (4) four adjustable cycle sequences to achieve the exact configuration needed for your application.

All ceramic components are guaranteed for life.


Hankscraft ceramic discs are diamond-hard and won’t wear out like traditional rubber seals, spacers, and pistons. They ensure many years of worry-free operation with virtually no maintenance.

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Fully adjustable ceramic valve for residential and light commercial use

The RevV2.5 features innovative ceramic discs that are guaranteed for life for ultimate performance and reliability. The patented discs are abrasion and corrosion resistant, resulting in extended life and reduced maintenance costs. The RevV2.5 valves also have (4) four advanced programming options with fully adjustable cycles to truly minimize water usage.

They come equipped with signal output for external devices and interlock functions to connect to multiple valves in series. Available in LCD and LED versions, the valves offer remote handling from PLC or computer control.

All ceramic components are guaranteed for life.

  • Patented ceramic discs are corrosion and abrasion resistant for longer life and reduced maintenance
  • Multiple programmable efficiency settings; grains exchanged per lb. of salt

  • Bright, easy to read LCD and LED display options

  • Long-term memory for program functions

  • 72-hour memory backup

  • No external PLC required to operate multiple control heads or external devices


We use Cross-Linked resin in most cases and under a microscope, Cross-linked resin looks different because each bead has an inert core that resists fouling and enables more thorough regeneration of the bead.

The benefits are many including better resistance to oxidation for a longer lifespan, less susceptibility to fouling, lower rinse requirements, better iron removal, shorter regeneration cycles, and excellent physical strength.

page1image3653426064 We incorporate the highest quality mineral tanks with a seamless inner liner and a glass filled polypropylene inlet for high strength and pressure capabilities. We also color match.